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Daxion Community™ - Where eBusiness, eCommerce and webmasters meet...

Daxion Community™ - Where eBusiness, eCommerce, webmasters meet...

The Daxion web sites are served by Daxion Community™. This is where users from eBusiness Manual™, Daxion Games™ and Daxion Marketplace™ hangs out.

The community is by and for its members. Lots of forums for discussion naturally, but Daxion Community™ also permits restricted linking and serves as a member "press release" center for anybody who wants and holds a responsible behaviour. Feel free to ask us to host your support forum here for free. Join and enjoy!

Daxion Marketplace™ - Your Place to Shop

Daxion Marketplace™ - Your Place to Shop

Daxion Marketplace™ features selected products and services marketed through PPC (pay per click) marketing. The respective target groups are decided on the product. Daxion Marketplace™ collects the landing pages as a catalogue.

Daxion Marketplace™ targets US and Global markets primarily, additional markets under consideration are UK, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Daxion Games™ - Single Player Video Games

Daxion Games™ - Single Player Video Games

Daxion provides online full screen flash games at Daxion Games™ as well as access to in-dept  information about selected Single Player Video Games such as Half-Life and more.

The most popular online game at Daxion Games™ is the classic; Bush Royal Rampage.

The single most popular page is about Alyx Vance , a prominent female non-player character in the Half-Life Series.

Daxion corporate - Home

Daxion corporate - Home

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